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The Scythe of Sutra model (wip) by OUTMACED121 The Scythe of Sutra model (wip) :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 1 0
The Lore of Orion Croski (Incomplete)
Who is Orion (and what is his lore)?
From the entire Parallels saga (a Star Vs. fanfic in the making), Orion is a key part to the story. Yeah, it seems kinda lazy about having a new character that’s nearly a clone of Star, but he’s a lot more than that. Okay, he was originally a Rule 63 version of Star, until I start having some ideas that he’s going to be his own character in his own universe n’ stuff. Despite being named after a Greek mythological huntsman, he’s actually an interdimensional wizard.
So in this little lore thing, I’ll be talking briefly about the lore of Orion’s universe. I will not reveal too much of it, because the world building is a work in progress. Even though you might think that this is fanfic lore, but let’s say that Parallels is not canon to Orion’s universe & vice versa.
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Parallels Part 2 (Star vs. AU)
Parallels Part 2 (a Star Vs. AU story)
Author's Note:
Why can't Deviantart accept .rtf files? These could save the time, but nooo. I have to simply edit the bloody text, to match the format that's intended.
So lightning strikes twice when it comes down to me writing fan fiction. Okay, this is a continuation from Parallels, which is a Star Vs. AU (Alternate Universe) story about a broken princess being confronted by a family-man-wizard prince... Well, it was, until what I heard about the third season, and I decided to make my spin on it, heheheheh. If you don't know the complete context, I highly recommend reading Parallels Part 1 before reading this. Believe me, it'll save you the time & confusion on who's the OC wizard guy as you read through this story. Now, it's time to go Electric Boogaloo on this one. This is Parallels Part 2: The Other Side of The Coin.
[Act 1: Second Thoughts]
Locale: Outside of
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Parallels (Star Vs. The AU Story)
Author's Note:
So... Uh, Fanfiction. Some like it for it's creative & unique takes from an existing universe (in my opinion), and some don't due to many, many reasons (take "My Immortal" for example). To be honest with you, I've made a fanfic before... When I was in 8th grade. Believe me, it was a ridiculous cringefest that's very loosely based on Call of Duty (seriously). Now it's been almost 7 years, understood the difference between "your" & "you're" (like a person who understood most of the English language), and understand the source material this fanfic is based on. This is Parallels, a Star vs. The Forces of Evil fanfic which has a tad darker tone than usual. Reminder that fanfics are NOT CANON, like most theories. Enjoy.
This piece of fanfic literature features an OC from a different universe whom had many things in common with the Princess of Mewni (hence the title). Difference being is that one has finished their huge journey years back, while the other is in t
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Starcrushed by OUTMACED121 Starcrushed :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 3 0 Pixel Star by OUTMACED121 Pixel Star :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 0 Viv's on a fetch quest... by OUTMACED121 Viv's on a fetch quest... :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 0 Star: Damned and Derailed by OUTMACED121 Star: Damned and Derailed :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 3 0
The PC Master Race Rant (the script)
Please Read: Whoever's reading the script, you can probably use this. Yes, you can add your own opinions or replace parts on said segments if you want to. Also if you're using the script, make sure to credit me, thanks.
This video is about giving some reasons why PC gaming isn't always great. Before any of you PC junkies go apeshit on me, we are NOT AGAINST PC gaming in general. These are just opinions. If you have a problem with me saying why PC sucks or why this video is 720p 30fps instead of 4k 60fps, I suggest for you to go somewhere else. Click away you picky brats.
The PC Master race. A colony full of PC Junkies who thinks that gaming with their Nvidia or AMD-powered Alienwares is awfully superior, and the console & handheld users are fucking pieces of peasant trash. BUT... Here's the kicker: PC Gaming isn't always sunshine, rainbows, or replacing dragons with Randy Savage. I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this, but fuck you, I'm doing
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A Mermaid in ZX Spectrum form by OUTMACED121 A Mermaid in ZX Spectrum form :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 4 0 My first 2017 artpiece is colouring a mermaid. by OUTMACED121 My first 2017 artpiece is colouring a mermaid. :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 0 The redesigned OM logo by OUTMACED121 The redesigned OM logo :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 0
Star vs The Forces of Evil: Theories + Predictions
In January 2015, a Disney show called Star vs. The Forces of Evil was aired. This show's created by Daron Nefcy, and this popped outta nowhere when I was browsing on Cheezburger for those quality memes, and it was a surprise hit. I never knew this show was going to be awesome, and it went on for a second season, and I heard that they're going for a third. This is definitely one of my FAV cartoons, ever to be honest, and so the mid-season finale was aired recently and man what a cliffhanger. The show is currently on hiatus as of now, and it's a good time to talk about theories & predictions.
Theories are like music: They are very subjective. Some theories are interesting like "Courage the Cowardly Dog takes place in Courage's point of view," and some are outright bonkers like most conspiracy theories. I rarely dig through many theories because in my opinion, there's little to no concrete proof that proves that theory to be legit.
So let's go back to Star. If you haven't watched it or pl
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Xia (WIP) by OUTMACED121 Xia (WIP) :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 1 2016 in Half an A Press Nutshell (WIP 2 ) by OUTMACED121 2016 in Half an A Press Nutshell (WIP 2 ) :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 1 0 2016 in Half an A Press Nutshell (WIP) by OUTMACED121 2016 in Half an A Press Nutshell (WIP) :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 1 1
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Loud Sisters (Lori+Leni) by Mikeinel Loud Sisters (Lori+Leni) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 3,211 105 Poses -H- by Asteltainn Poses -H- :iconasteltainn:Asteltainn 6,096 83 art block (The Paper People) by CountANDRA art block (The Paper People) :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 508 19 Queen of Ruining Everything by Zamiiz Queen of Ruining Everything :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 1,133 44 Electric Youth by bleedman Electric Youth :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,122 91 Daily Paint 1584. Newtella by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1584. Newtella :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,297 138 Jezebel by GENZOMAN Jezebel :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 2,663 103 MM: Mechanic girl by Kate-FoX MM: Mechanic girl :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,832 48 Star Butterfly's Timeline by Kikaigaku Star Butterfly's Timeline :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 4,993 187 Welcome to the Dead Club by bleedman Welcome to the Dead Club :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,524 148 Gladiatrice by xa-xa-xa Gladiatrice :iconxa-xa-xa:xa-xa-xa 5,111 177 My Type by kata-009 My Type :iconkata-009:kata-009 2,889 188 Mechanical Wyvern by m0zch0ps Mechanical Wyvern :iconm0zch0ps:m0zch0ps 155 11 Cloud Insect Preview by wlop Cloud Insect Preview :iconwlop:wlop 11,257 301 Forgive thy Enemy by CountANDRA Forgive thy Enemy :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 1,360 87 Pose study 59 by Kate-FoX Pose study 59 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,179 18
Random things I like... and sometimes made inspirations in my UA


I haven't wrote a critique in years (the first & only one was someone's uzi). All I can say is that I'm a big fan of RWBY (minus the en...

First critique: This looks badass, CZECHBIOHAZARD. It looks like you made a simple mini uzi, coloured in cyan/turquoise, change the han...

Procrastination is a bitch. You want to do something, but you ended up slacking off or doing something else... Which is I'm doing both right now. The Worst Cartoons 3 will be delayed until further notice, which was going to be released this month, but thanks to some stupid Youtube-related controversies, procrastination, etc, it'll have to wait. Does this YouTube ad crisis affect me? No, because my channel doesn't do ads. Rumors stated that some scumbag(s) orchestrated the entire ad crisis which leads various companies like Pepsi co. pulling their ads off the site, meaning people (the YT creators) are making less money from that. The other YT controversy is taking down videos that's deemed too controversial or some other crap... In other words: The fuckin' site is becoming too family-friendly. I may be jumping on the 'ol bandwagon, but this is kinda serious. Ain't Youtube is like the land of the free? I think it's starting to feel a little more strict on what content to make or not to make. If that shit really hits the fan, I'm switching to when it happened.

So this is pretty much a random-ass surprise that during my procrastination, I was doing some doodling on blank paper (drew a sceptre), and actually wrote a fanfic for the first time... Since 8th grade. Obviously, it's related to Star Vs, because why not? It's pretty much an analogy of an obscure YTV cartoon, Mischief City: She just drags me the fuck back in unexpectedly. I recommend watching a few episodes, and probably riff the shit outta this with your friends.

So about that fanfic... Well, SPOILERS: it's not erotic in any kind of way (I mean, jesus, there's a load of very bad fanfiction like Agony in Pink, and My Immortal, but there's some rare diamonds in the rough). It's just a trilogy I'm currently thinking about in my spare time. It's kinda experimental, because it involves an OC who is not completely fleshed out. Yeah, that will turn off many (or all if you're reading this) people who's looking forward to if I said "OC", but give it a chance. If you like the fanfic piece or not, that's fine. If this contained a load of grammar errors, I'm sorry, but I don't have MS Word. I wrote this on Notepad of all places (then used Google Docs to deal with this spell & mediocre grammar checking). The next two will be on a different word processor.

Worst Cartoons 3 progress:

  • Full Script: Halfway through
  • Cartoon slots: Filled in
  • Details why: Incomplete
  • Hired voice talents: Need
  • Hired Co-Writers: Also need
  • My voicework: Haven't started
  • Video: Will start after everything above is complete.
  • Listening to: Zack Hemsey
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Gran Turismo 3
  • Drinking: Red Bull


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Location: Southern, British Columbia
Relationship: still single.
Hobbies: Youtube, Game, DeviantArt, Newgrounds, art.
Actual job: DQ Employee

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The Scythe of Sutra model (wip)
So let's see here, when's the last time I upload art, the non fan-fic kind? 4 months ago.
What about non-fanart? 5 Months ago.
So how about a weapon? Just a weapon. Over a year? Holy shit.
Okay, so what about a 3D model? Technically, the Nineteen86 was a 3D model at first, so I have to say 8 months.
HOW about a 3D weapon? Shit, I dunno. It was over 2 & a half years ago, and that one was an abandoned project.

So what you got there? It's a 3D scythe. A scythe that took me days to make, and it's almost an abandoned project. It actually started in March 21st, nearly the same time that my Parallels fan-fic started. I barely worked on this since Parallels, but the past few days I went full-steam, while working on a YouTube video (Samurai Jack related).
So tell me about this scythe? This fantasy scythe is actually a bit more than a regular scythe, it's also a wizard/witch's staff, according to the Amethyst crystals on the scythe. 
Who's "Sutra"? "Sutra" is a short name for Sutrasori Croski, who's nickname will be later called "Mama Sutra." Yes, it sounds like Sutrasori is a slut in hindsight, because it sounds similar to "Kama Sutra" is an ancient Hindu text about sex advice (or something between those lines). The name "Sutra" means string in Indian, but it could mean many things in the middle east.

Continuing to Sutrasori, she's one of those "Dark Queen" archetypes (like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland), except she's a bit more twisted. During her time as queen, she & her army just goes to some random village to pillage for pretty much fair game. No purpose, but to create a plaque that says something like "Boom, I Pillaged your village. -Sutra." Sutra was the most feared queens in the fictitious planet Terra, until she discovered inter-dimensional travel, which she fought someone named Alice in a surreal plain of reality & lost. Her original appearance was more gothic, until she was inspired by Alice, and changed her look & style altogether with the added red & showing a little more skin. About that scythe, before her apparent death, she managed to split her soul into two entities. Her "light half" was transferred to a special crystal, and her "dark half" was transferred to her scythe. 

Soul transferring, huh? So what happens when her soul is complete, again?
That, I'm not sure. Building lore is crazy.
...But with the cost of moving season 3 in the Fall. The 2-hour TV Movie premieres in July 15th. Before you ask "Is it an actual movie?" No, it's 4 full episodes, continuously in a story arc. So, are you hyped for "The Battle Of Mewni?" This actually came as a surprise when I open my Twitter.


Who is Orion (and what is his lore)?

From the entire Parallels saga (a Star Vs. fanfic in the making), Orion is a key part to the story. Yeah, it seems kinda lazy about having a new character that’s nearly a clone of Star, but he’s a lot more than that. Okay, he was originally a Rule 63 version of Star, until I start having some ideas that he’s going to be his own character in his own universe n’ stuff. Despite being named after a Greek mythological huntsman, he’s actually an interdimensional wizard.

So in this little lore thing, I’ll be talking briefly about the lore of Orion’s universe. I will not reveal too much of it, because the world building is a work in progress. Even though you might think that this is fanfic lore, but let’s say that Parallels is not canon to Orion’s universe & vice versa.

Orion’s Profile (Parallels):

Full name: Orion Vantis Croski
Aliases: Too many to count (e.g: The Skating Wiz Prince)
Age: 35 (32 in Terra Years)
Height: 5’9” / 175cm
Weight: 186lbs / 84kg
Species: Territe (pronounced Tur-rite)

Occupation: Prince of Neroinia, Member of The Order (out of retirement)
Professions: Music, Skateboarding
Other: Father of two daughters

Hair: Amber, long, with thick beard
Eyes: Hazel Green
Skin: Light
Misc: Star-shaped markings on his hands, covered by hand wrapping.
Appearance: Black shirt with grey sleeves, thick brown cloak, denim jeans, black leather boots, and a brown magic satchel.


  • Lotus’ Satchel (A magical bag created by Lotus, that has a lot more space on the inside. Usually he store his entire inventory in this very bag)
  • The Royal Resurgence (Orion’s magic sceptre)
  • A Trans-dimensional flint & pocket knife (Forged by Eeswood, used for travelling between dimensions. Always stored in his right boot)
  • 4 Elixir bottles (Restores HP & Mana)
  • Trans-dimensional cell-phone (Based off the Motorola V70 & Siemen’s S45 cell phones, it’s used to call people who own this type of phones, made by Varix.)
  • 2 Backup magic weapons of his choice (One wand & one staff. These come in handy when the sceptre isn’t viable)

Early Years:

Orion Croski (alongside with his twin, Odysseus) was born in the city of Neroinia (Nur-roi-nee-ah) on the day of The Diamond King’s Fall, a Terrian holiday that celebrates the fall of St. Dymaldosa’s rule on that particular city. It’s hard to pinpoint on how old is he on Earth, because Terra has a 400 day calendar with a “dip year” every three years. During his days, he’s the middle child & prince of the royal Croski family with his twin.

During his teenage years, Orion grew a distaste of his royalty. Ever since he discovered his father’s trans-dimensional flint & knife, he usually "borrows" it to travel into crazy places, where he befriended a talking snake named Indy “Jones” Li, and an android named Phoenix. He also had two rocky relationships during that time. His first was a Lenaíum princess named Clover Skobräe, and the second relationship was Vikki Madsen, which lasted a lot longer than Clover’s. After graduation from his academy, he just hangs out with his inter-dimensional buddies during his free time.

His Journey:

In his adult years, Orion & his twin learned the basics of wizardry, and during his spare time, started constructing a private skate park in a forest outside of his hometown as a passion project with recycled & stolen materials, with the help of Indy & Phoenix. At his 24th birthday, he was given his family’s magic royal sceptre, and his unsuspecting path to royal wizardry had begun. When he attempted to test out his newfound magic to help construct the skate park, he inadvertently set the materials ablaze, almost creating a forest fire. That incident got him kicked out of his dimension, and was left stranded in a forest on Earth in the year of 2003. It didn’t took him long enough to find civilization inside a small town of Denzel Lake. In town, he was called a wannabe pimp or a party magician in hindsight, and usually got ridiculed by his royal attire & style. Outside of town, he started practicing his wizard skills, to prove that he’s not “a party magician.”

When Orion was wandering in town, he saw a woman named Emily Martinez who’s about to get attacked by thugs. He took his magic skills to the test, and took down all of them. For his heroic efforts is a scared woman, three downed thugs, and police sirens wailing in the distance. He almost got arrested, until Emily got him out of it. Despite Orion being homeless, she let him stay at her place to lay low. This is how their friendship begins.

As Orion got used to the environment, performing new magic skills, and understand boundaries on Earth, he also grew fond with Emily, establishing a close friendship. As they went off with some adventures, fought bad guys, and other things, they also came forth of Orion’s old friends & enemies.

[The full story will be defined in another time.]

His Magic:

Orion’s magic is unprecedented for a normal wizard. Normal wizards usually have their own traits like healing & shooting magic projectiles from their bare hands, books,
or using a certain magical item. Orion is able to use & adapt several types of weapons from staffs, wands, rods, and even a magic shotgun. His skillset however is all over the place. Some shoots magic projectiles, some are area effective, some spawn objects, and his personal preference is transforming his weapon into other weapons. That seems cool, but Orion’s power is not limitless. He has a limited supply of mana, and his spells costs from small to large. Also, his weapons are not indestructible, meaning if that weapon is using too much magic or physically abused, it will eventually break. Here’s some of his spells.

His go-to spells (Standard spells for combat):

  • Heartbreaker Whiplash (shoots out two whips with half a metal heart at each end)
  • Antinertia field (creates a temporary force field that stops any solid object dead when touched)
  • Hoverboard (spawns a hoverboard at will)
  • Star Wave (a spell that shoots a wave of stars)
  • Ice Blast (Obligatory ice spell that could freeze enemies)
  • Heatwave fist (creates a non-lethal spell that creates a fist full of hot steam that knock enemies back)
  • Buzz Stunner (turns the crystal of any magic weapon into a taser)
  • Flash Blast (a spell that blinds enemies with a bright crystal light. Effective against vampires)

His powerful spells (Higher-end spells against tougher foes):

  • Raptor Precision Blast (a sniper spell that shoots a laser when cast)
  • Arcane shield (a temporary magic-proof shield)
  • Astral Dome (a mana-consuming spell where any enemy is caught in the blast, is trapped in the dome with the user)
  • Tommy Sten Sidewinder / Mad Quad Anaconda Spreader (turns your weapon into a gun that rapidly shoots magic projectiles)
  • Sacred Sapphire Sabre Slash (a spell that turns his weapon into a sapphire bladed saber)
  • Quaker Blast (an area-of-effect blast that creates a seismic shockwave)
  • Mama Sutra’s Decapitator (a mana-consuming spell that turns his weapon into a scythe. This has different flavours per weapon type)
  • Damiá gin Zimnum (A fictional language, Helgis translation: Damage for Damage: the Kaio-ken of magic spells. It amplifies spell damage, with the exchange of damaging it’s user & the weapon. This can be multiplied, but it puts more strain on the user. The DgZ result is the user having a red glow around them)

His ultimate spells (The most powerful spells, only used for extremely powerful bosses):

  • XJ-70 Battlesuit (a mana & time-consuming spell that transform your weapon into personalized battle armor, but with a limited spell set)
  • Sweet Amber’s Guitar / Sweet Amber’s Symphony (turns your weapon into a powerful guitar or an orchestra. Performing a type of song will have different outcomes)
  • Sorrowful Blast / Vikki’s Sorrow Burst (the 2nd-last resort spell that KO’s enemies instantly only up-close when user is at critical condition)
  • ??? (The last resort when all else fails. This unnamed spell is only used for a certain weapon & could only be used once)

Other Lore:


Pretty much Orion’s answer to Mewni, but more modern with the blend of gothic & magitek. Located in the dimension of Terra, and ruled by Orion’s father, King Leonidas (later Odysseus), and mother, Queen Amanda Rivers-Croski (later Ody's wife, Rydia). Neroinia is the birthplace of Orion, Odysseus, and most of the Croski family.

The place was founded by early Terrian pioneers 8 centuries ago, it was inhabited by furred horned beasts called the Firlowes. A harmless species who just wanted peace, but that didn’t stop the Terrians to slaughter them, for land. The first Territe-Firlowe war was started, but the Territe army didn’t stand a chance, until a young wizard named Myles Van Croski stepped in to end it. They settled an agreement between the two factions, and Myles is crowned the first king of Neroinia.

Neroinia is not always at peace. First, there was a ruthless dark queen, Sutrasori Croski, until she went mental after one fight with a magical girl named Alice, whom Sutra later passed the torch to her son, Ariston Croski. The worst of them all are the Krystilians, ruthless crystalline golem creatures who are the equivalent of 4Chan’s /pol/ & /v/ at their worst. The city ruled by the Croskis was lost to the Krystilians, who was led by a traitor to The Order, Dymaldosa Idas, also known as The Diamond King. The Giant ruled the city for over 30 years, until a Croski named Leonidas stepped in to dethrone him. As of Parallels, the city is ruled by Odysseus Croski, with his wife, Rydia Wilson-Croski.

[We'll talk about more of that, soon]

Emily Martinez (His Wife):

The woman Orion saved is his biggest motivator, and greatest companion. Before that, she was an employee at Anderson’s Cafe. A top worker, and a quirky geek too. On the night before she met the prince, she discovered an ongoing activity of illegal substance smuggling running by a known mafia in town. She was able to rat them out by calling the cops, and the night later, she was ambushed by thugs who was later revealed to be hired by the same mafia who attempted to smuggle the substance.

She’s not just a geek, she can stand her ground against many foes, but she always need some saving when she’s outnumbered, outmatched, or just ambushed. Emily taught Orion how to live life on Earth, and show him the ways of a lot of things that a normal human civilian does. Orion taught her how to use a magical weapon, which to their surprise, worked wonders. Her spell set is very limited than an average wizard & witch, but these could get the job done. At the time, she was fell in love with a guy named DJ, and Orion helped her achieve that goal. She was in a relationship with him, until a couple months in, the cracks are starting to show, leading to an inevitable breakup.

[More info about Emily coming soon.]

Indy Li (His Late Best Friend):

Orion’s late snake friend who took an honourable sacrifice to save him from Ozmond’s wrath. Before that, he’s just a manipulative troublemaker who’s happen to hang out with a prince. How they met was at their teenage years when Orion came out of a portal, during Indy’s usual work duties as a farmer. A mischievous fellow he his, but he’s more of a team player when Orion wanted some assistance.

[More info, coming soon.]

Clover (1st ex):

Clover Skobräe is the Lenaíum queen of Peccatoloú Peak in her home dimension of Helgard. Lenaíums (Le-nye-ums) are a mix between humans, demons, & succubus/incubus. Their unique language, Helgis are a mix between Greek & Latin languages. The relationship with the then Princess of Sin & The Terrian Prince lasted for a few months.

How did Orion & Clover met? Well, he met her at high school, and Clover was an exchange student at the time. Orion & Clover had a few make-out sessions here & there, but as part succubus, she was trying to push him to the next level of their relationship when Orion wasn’t anywhere near ready. Their relationship ended as Clover tried to torch the Territe prince into a crisp, and Orion countered her with a nearby bucket of water. She was sent back to her dimension, until she met him on Earth with another girl.

[That story between the feud is for another day.]

Vikki (2nd ex/mortal enemy):

[Info not established, yet.]


Was once a member of The Order, the Diamond King is once the most loyal between the group. How he became evil in such a way is when The Order sent him on a solo mission where something actually corrupted his mind. That leads him to single-handedly betray his fellow Order members, defeated the then-king Evagoras Croski (father of Leonidas Croski), and become the ruthless tyrant who took over Neroinia for over 30 years. Many armies attacked Dymaldosa, but to no avail... Until the son of Evegoras did the impossible. Before Orion was born, he wasn’t dead, but was encased by a strong magical property, whom was later freed by Ozmond for his “Project Omnilution” plans.

[More info about this one, coming soon.]

Sutrasori Croski (Ancestor):

The once Dark Queen of Neroinia, Sutrasori Croski has defeated countless armies on her own. She created her signature Decapitator spell that could slice entire castles like it was butter, and her infamous Eviscerator spell that brings an entire city down to it's knees. She was merely unstoppable, until one day she met a girl. The girl challenged her into a magical duel, and Sutra wasn't expecting much out of her, so she went all easy on her. The girl sent her into a surreal dimension where there's no such thing as time & everything didn't make sense, but trying her hardest she did, but she was eventually defeated. Inspired by her bout with the girl, she was never the same, so she had a new look, personality, made new crazy spells, and she was called Mama Sutra: The Twisted Queen of Neroinia.

Before her death, she left 2 parts of her soul inside of her trademark scythe, and an enchanted book, waiting for someone to take hold of it to be possessed. This is where Orion came in, when he found the book, and inevitably looked at it. So in Parallels, Orion really meant that Sutra is inside of him. So what happens when you have a part of Sutra's soul & the scythe? Parallels Part 3 will fill that one.

Odysseus Croski (Twin Brother):

[Info not established yet]

Ozmond Croski (Lost Brother):

[Info not established yet]

The Order:

Kinda like the Magical High Commission, The Order in Orion’s universe have their standards: Defending the universe from the forces of evil of any kind. The group is run by six inter-dimensional beings: Lotus, Varix, Kota, Eeswood, T’nora, and Orion (in place of his father). Lotus is the healer & guardian, Varix is the enforcer, Kota is the summoner, Eeswood is the forger & specialist, T’nora was the ranger & strategist, and the new member, Orion is the all-rounder & special backup. Even though they’re the defenders of the universe, they’re not unstoppable. For instance, they were defeated by Dymaldosa at their full potential, and individually defeated by a possessed Odysseus.

How Orion joined The Order is no small feat: He single-handedly defeated both Dymaldosa, and Odysseus whom he was possessed by the demon god, Zargon. His father was once The Order’s biggest member, until he was killed by Ozmond, and then Orion avenged his death by defeating him, along with The Omnilutionaries.

The Order Members:

  • Lotus: Unknown gender, anthropomorphic plant-thing. The leader of The Order, Lotus is the biggest healer & a powerful guardian in Orion’s universe. He could also manipulate the laws of reality like creating hammerspace inside of a bag. 
  • Varix: Genderless, robotic appearance. The spearhead of The Order, Varix is a spirit inside of a robot body made out of several materials. The robot is made out of adamantium, carbon, wurtzite boron nitride, and powered by 3 “Chaos Crystals.” Not to be confused with emeralds, chaos crystals are actually a very useful power source that lasts for a few centuries, but extremely destructive when severely damaged. Varix is also the enforcer, making himself the heaviest hitter on the team, and also responsible for creating trans-dimensional cell phones. 
  • Kota: Male, anthropomorphic newt. The only summoner of The Order, Kota is no ordinary newt mage. Despite being the weakest on his own, he can summon very powerful creatures at will. Also, he’s the one who created the Croski’s royal sceptre.
  • T’nora: Female, spirit elf. The Order’s second-in-command, T’nora is the brains & marksman of the team, preferring exploitation over going without a plan. She created Orion’s cloak which resists magic attacks, along with many legendary clothes with unique properties.
  • Eeswood: Male, humanoid appearance, resembling Clint Eastwood. The Order’s specialist, Eeswood can get the job done by creating things at will. He is also the forger of dimension travelling devices, specifically knives.
The Lore of Orion Croski (Incomplete)
Be weary that this lore is incomplete or finalized, and will add more info in the future.
Parallels Part 2:…
PC Steam-droids, Console peasants, Handheld degenerates... Remember the time when the Arcades were the master race, PCs are separate beings, handhelds are either LCD, monochrome, or battery drainers, and consoles are vastly different from one another? Yeah, thought so.

So if any of you people played an arcade machine and/or used MAME, what games should I add to my collection?

While you're at it, here are my recommendations:
-Crystal Castles (Think Pac-Man, but isometric, could jump, and you play as a bear)
-Out Run (Classic racing game by Sega)
-Elevator Action Returns (A classic Taito run & gun)
-Road Blasters (An old-school car combat game where you drive & shoot cars)
-Sunset Riders (A popular R&G gem by Konami)
-Metal Slug series (You run, shoot, and then drive a tank. Popular shit)
-Smash TV & Total Carnage (A top-down shooter)
-Gauntlet (A fantasy top-down, dungeon crawling hack & slash)
-The Outfoxies (A real hidden gem. Pretty much like the primitive version of Super Smash Bros, but mixed with Rolling Thunder, and a playable monkey)

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