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Parallels Part 2 (Star vs. AU)
Parallels Part 2 (a Star Vs. AU story)
Author's Note:
Why can't Deviantart accept .rtf files? These could save the time, but nooo. I have to simply edit the bloody text, to match the format that's intended.
So lightning strikes twice when it comes down to me writing fan fiction. Okay, this is a continuation from Parallels, which is a Star Vs. AU (Alternate Universe) story about a broken princess being confronted by a family-man-wizard prince... Well, it was, until what I heard about the third season, and I decided to make my spin on it, heheheheh. If you don't know the complete context, I highly recommend reading Parallels Part 1 before reading this. Believe me, it'll save you the time & confusion on who's the OC wizard guy as you read through this story. Now, it's time to go Electric Boogaloo on this one. This is Parallels Part 2: The Other Side of The Coin.
[Act 1: Second Thoughts]
Locale: Outside of
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Parallels (Star Vs. The AU Story)
Author's Note:
So... Uh, Fanfiction. Some like it for it's creative & unique takes from an existing universe (in my opinion), and some don't due to many, many reasons (take "My Immortal" for example). To be honest with you, I've made a fanfic before... When I was in 8th grade. Believe me, it was a ridiculous cringefest that's very loosely based on Call of Duty (seriously). Now it's been almost 7 years, understood the difference between "your" & "you're" (like a person who understood most of the English language), and understand the source material this fanfic is based on. This is Parallels, a Star vs. The Forces of Evil fanfic which has a tad darker tone than usual. Reminder that fanfics are NOT CANON, like most theories. Enjoy.
This piece of fanfic literature features an OC from a different universe whom had many things in common with the Princess of Mewni (hence the title). Difference being is that one has finished their huge journey years back, while the other is in t
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Starcrushed by OUTMACED121 Starcrushed :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 3 0 Pixel Star by OUTMACED121 Pixel Star :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 0 Viv's on a fetch quest... by OUTMACED121 Viv's on a fetch quest... :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 0 Star: Damned and Derailed by OUTMACED121 Star: Damned and Derailed :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 3 0
The PC Master Race Rant (the script)
Please Read: Whoever's reading the script, you can probably use this. Yes, you can add your own opinions or replace parts on said segments if you want to. Also if you're using the script, make sure to credit me, thanks.
This video is about giving some reasons why PC gaming isn't always great. Before any of you PC junkies go apeshit on me, we are NOT AGAINST PC gaming in general. These are just opinions. If you have a problem with me saying why PC sucks or why this video is 720p 30fps instead of 4k 60fps, I suggest for you to go somewhere else. Click away you picky brats.
The PC Master race. A colony full of PC Junkies who thinks that gaming with their Nvidia or AMD-powered Alienwares is awfully superior, and the console & handheld users are fucking pieces of peasant trash. BUT... Here's the kicker: PC Gaming isn't always sunshine, rainbows, or replacing dragons with Randy Savage. I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this, but fuck you, I'm doing
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A Mermaid in ZX Spectrum form by OUTMACED121 A Mermaid in ZX Spectrum form :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 4 0 My first 2017 artpiece is colouring a mermaid. by OUTMACED121 My first 2017 artpiece is colouring a mermaid. :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 0 The redesigned OM logo by OUTMACED121 The redesigned OM logo :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 0
Star vs The Forces of Evil: Theories + Predictions
In January 2015, a Disney show called Star vs. The Forces of Evil was aired. This show's created by Daron Nefcy, and this popped outta nowhere when I was browsing on Cheezburger for those quality memes, and it was a surprise hit. I never knew this show was going to be awesome, and it went on for a second season, and I heard that they're going for a third. This is definitely one of my FAV cartoons, ever to be honest, and so the mid-season finale was aired recently and man what a cliffhanger. The show is currently on hiatus as of now, and it's a good time to talk about theories & predictions.
Theories are like music: They are very subjective. Some theories are interesting like "Courage the Cowardly Dog takes place in Courage's point of view," and some are outright bonkers like most conspiracy theories. I rarely dig through many theories because in my opinion, there's little to no concrete proof that proves that theory to be legit.
So let's go back to Star. If you haven't watched it or pl
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Xia (WIP) by OUTMACED121 Xia (WIP) :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 1 2016 in Half an A Press Nutshell (WIP 2 ) by OUTMACED121 2016 in Half an A Press Nutshell (WIP 2 ) :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 1 0 2016 in Half an A Press Nutshell (WIP) by OUTMACED121 2016 in Half an A Press Nutshell (WIP) :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 1 1 Random grab bag full of f---. by OUTMACED121 Random grab bag full of f---. :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 0 1 The 'Player 2' F310 gamepad by OUTMACED121 The 'Player 2' F310 gamepad :iconoutmaced121:OUTMACED121 2 1
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Two Loud Sisters by Mikeinel Two Loud Sisters :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 1,987 58 Poses -H- by Asteltainn Poses -H- :iconasteltainn:Asteltainn 4,794 64 art block (The Paper People) by CountANDRA art block (The Paper People) :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 494 18 Queen of Ruining Everything by Zamiiz Queen of Ruining Everything :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 1,060 42 Electric Youth by bleedman Electric Youth :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,025 89 Daily Paint 1584. Newtella by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1584. Newtella :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,224 138 Jezebel by GENZOMAN Jezebel :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 2,587 103 MM: Mechanic girl by Kate-FoX MM: Mechanic girl :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,790 48 Star Butterfly's Timeline by Kikaigaku Star Butterfly's Timeline :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 4,856 182 Welcome to the Dead Club by bleedman Welcome to the Dead Club :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,488 147 Gladiatrice by xa-xa-xa Gladiatrice :iconxa-xa-xa:xa-xa-xa 5,047 177 My Type by kata-009 My Type :iconkata-009:kata-009 2,875 188 Mechanical Wyvern by m0zch0ps Mechanical Wyvern :iconm0zch0ps:m0zch0ps 155 11 Cloud Insect Preview by wlop Cloud Insect Preview :iconwlop:wlop 11,015 297 Forgive thy Enemy by CountANDRA Forgive thy Enemy :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 1,350 87 Pose study 59 by Kate-FoX Pose study 59 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,130 18
Random things I like... and sometimes made inspirations in my UA


I haven't wrote a critique in years (the first & only one was someone's uzi). All I can say is that I'm a big fan of RWBY (minus the en...

First critique: This looks badass, CZECHBIOHAZARD. It looks like you made a simple mini uzi, coloured in cyan/turquoise, change the han...

Procrastination is a bitch. You want to do something, but you ended up slacking off or doing something else... Which is I'm doing both right now. The Worst Cartoons 3 will be delayed until further notice, which was going to be released this month, but thanks to some stupid Youtube-related controversies, procrastination, etc, it'll have to wait. Does this YouTube ad crisis affect me? No, because my channel doesn't do ads. Rumors stated that some scumbag(s) orchestrated the entire ad crisis which leads various companies like Pepsi co. pulling their ads off the site, meaning people (the YT creators) are making less money from that. The other YT controversy is taking down videos that's deemed too controversial or some other crap... In other words: The fuckin' site is becoming too family-friendly. I may be jumping on the 'ol bandwagon, but this is kinda serious. Ain't Youtube is like the land of the free? I think it's starting to feel a little more strict on what content to make or not to make. If that shit really hits the fan, I'm switching to when it happened.

So this is pretty much a random-ass surprise that during my procrastination, I was doing some doodling on blank paper (drew a sceptre), and actually wrote a fanfic for the first time... Since 8th grade. Obviously, it's related to Star Vs, because why not? It's pretty much an analogy of an obscure YTV cartoon, Mischief City: She just drags me the fuck back in unexpectedly. I recommend watching a few episodes, and probably riff the shit outta this with your friends.

So about that fanfic... Well, SPOILERS: it's not erotic in any kind of way (I mean, jesus, there's a load of very bad fanfiction like Agony in Pink, and My Immortal, but there's some rare diamonds in the rough). It's just a trilogy I'm currently thinking about in my spare time. It's kinda experimental, because it involves an OC who is not completely fleshed out. Yeah, that will turn off many (or all if you're reading this) people who's looking forward to if I said "OC", but give it a chance. If you like the fanfic piece or not, that's fine. If this contained a load of grammar errors, I'm sorry, but I don't have MS Word. I wrote this on Notepad of all places (then used Google Docs to deal with this spell & mediocre grammar checking). The next two will be on a different word processor.

Worst Cartoons 3 progress:

  • Full Script: Halfway through
  • Cartoon slots: Filled in
  • Details why: Incomplete
  • Hired voice talents: Need
  • Hired Co-Writers: Also need
  • My voicework: Haven't started
  • Video: Will start after everything above is complete.
  • Listening to: Zack Hemsey
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Gran Turismo 3
  • Drinking: Red Bull


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PC Steam-droids, Console peasants, Handheld degenerates... Remember the time when the Arcades were the master race, PCs are separate beings, handhelds are either LCD, monochrome, or battery drainers, and consoles are vastly different from one another? Yeah, thought so.

So if any of you people played an arcade machine and/or used MAME, what games should I add to my collection?

While you're at it, here are my recommendations:
-Crystal Castles (Think Pac-Man, but isometric, could jump, and you play as a bear)
-Out Run (Classic racing game by Sega)
-Elevator Action Returns (A classic Taito run & gun)
-Road Blasters (An old-school car combat game where you drive & shoot cars)
-Sunset Riders (A popular R&G gem by Konami)
-Metal Slug series (You run, shoot, and then drive a tank. Popular shit)
-Smash TV & Total Carnage (A top-down shooter)
-Gauntlet (A fantasy top-down, dungeon crawling hack & slash)
-The Outfoxies (A real hidden gem. Pretty much like the primitive version of Super Smash Bros, but mixed with Rolling Thunder, and a playable monkey)
Parallels Part 2 (a Star Vs. AU story)

Author's Note:
Why can't Deviantart accept .rtf files? These could save the time, but nooo. I have to simply edit the bloody text, to match the format that's intended.

So lightning strikes twice when it comes down to me writing fan fiction. Okay, this is a continuation from Parallels, which is a Star Vs. AU (Alternate Universe) story about a broken princess being confronted by a family-man-wizard prince... Well, it was, until what I heard about the third season, and I decided to make my spin on it, heheheheh. If you don't know the complete context, I highly recommend reading Parallels Part 1 before reading this. Believe me, it'll save you the time & confusion on who's the OC wizard guy as you read through this story. Now, it's time to go Electric Boogaloo on this one. This is Parallels Part 2: The Other Side of The Coin.

[Act 1: Second Thoughts]

Locale: Outside of Ludo’s Temple, Mewni.
Timeline: Season 3, after Parallels.

It was a sunny morning, and Orion was travelling in Mewni’s forest for around two days. Starving, a bit tired, and his ankles are killing him. He’s walking along a dirt path, and it eventually leads to a canyon cliff side with an abandoned temple.
“Finally, I’m here,” he said, as he arrived to his destination. He has reached outside of Ludo’s monster temple, but he felt that something’s missing. It’s been two days since Orion’s encounter with Star, and started having second thoughts on his journey. He used his sceptre as a telescope to see what’s going on, scanning for any activity.

“Strange. Is it me or the lack of guards seemed a wee bit suspicious?” Orion asked himself, as he saw no minion on sight on the temple’s perimeter. “I’d be an idiot of a leader if I have no guards on the entrance. Why in the holy mother of-”

“Please, don’t” said someone in the trees. Orion looked blindly, figuring out where the sound is coming from, until it spoke again. “Don’t do it, lone wizard.”

“I have no choice. I’m on a quest to take down a nastiest beast in the land that may or may not tear a universe apart,” Orion replied. “Now show yourself, or I’ll have to make you.” Orion is ready to tear down the forest with his sceptre, until someone showed himself, revealing to be a huge, green, bird-thing.

“Please, wizard. You have no idea what he’s capable of,” he begged Orion, “My brother... He’s pretty ill.”

Orion is awfully confused. “So you have a sick brother who’s captivated by an evil lizard man? The Order didn’t mention about that.” He tried to get his head around things, until the bird spoke.

“No, it’s not like that. It’s worse than you think.” The bird looks at the temple, “My brother... Is the beast. Can you help him?”

Orion realized that this is a much tougher task than he was originally intended. “First off, who & what are you?”

“Uh, Dennis, and I’m an avarius”

“Orion, and I may be a territe wizard, but I’m no therapist. My purpose here is to take down a septarian named Toffee, and you said that your sick brother in there IS Toffee? That one’s going to be tough for me, pal.”

“No, no. My brother is Ludo,” Dennis exclaimed.


“Yeah, the one you’re probably seeking is Ludo. Who’s Toffee, anyway?”

Orion gazed at Dennis, wondering why this fanfic’s writing is starting to feel out of control. “*Sigh,* did someone else told you about him?”


“Well, let’s make it brief. Toffee is a very evil person, more of a sociopath. I heard rumours stated that he’s been sort of alive since his apparent death for the past eight months. Now I got sent here by The Order that a supposed Toffee they fought lives in that very temple far yonder... Sadly, the Order members didn’t came back, and what remains is a message which leads me to here.” Orion takes a deep breath, and started to figure out what’s going on in there. He takes another look at the temple, and no minion is on sight. “I’m starting to realize something. Your brother is an avarius, right?” Dennis nods. “Well, Dennis, I believe that your brother in there is possessed by the spirit of what remains of Toffee.

“WHAT?” Dennis exclaimed, “You sure about that?”

“Not entirely. I mean, you have a mentally ill brother, and a supposedly dead reptile living under the same roof. If Toffee is really dead, there’s a possibility that he’s taking over Ludo’s body, controlling him at will by some unknown force. I’ve experienced paranormal activities before, and this will be a lot more challenging than anyone I’ve fought.”

“What are you doing now?” Dennis asked. “Are you gonna risk your life over him?”

Orion started to realize that this is not the time. “No. Toffee is not worth taking down, yet.”

“What do you mean?” said Dennis. “Aren’t you gonna go in there, take him out, and save my brother?”

“Look, I’m no exorcist. She’s right, it’s suicide in there.”


“I’ve met someone who had some experience with Toffee. I think the poor girl is about to go in there without a plan. Speaking of which...” Orion pulls out his trans-dimensional flint & pocket knife out of his boot. “I have to do some errands. I’ll be back.” Orion struck the flint with his knife, and slashed downwards, creating a portal.

“Wait, are you just gonna leave?” questioned Dennis, and Orion stopped, “Don’t you have a job to do?”

“I haven’t been on an actual quest for years. Taking me out of retirement, and hunting down a magic-fuelled sociopath is not a good way to go. I’m just here to take a look before I start planning. I live on a motto of ‘leave no quest behind,’ and it’s gonna stay that way. Don’t worry, Dennis, I know what I’m doing. Take care.” Orion entered the portal, leaving Dennis all alone outside of Ludo’s temple.

Dennis takes one last look at the temple, “Don’t worry, lil bro. Somebody will help you.” Dennis flew away from the temple, worrying about Ludo.

Locale: Echo Creek, California.

Orion entered the city park, as he takes a look at a conveniently placed sign to know where he’s at. “Echo Creek. Sounds pretty generic, but whatever.” Orion looks at the city, and felt like he’s been through here before, “I have no idea what I got myself into, but death can wait. Gotta find that guy, soon.”

The wizard prince started to run around town, finding the kid named Marco Diaz.

[Act 2: Diaz, Croski, Avarian, and Septarian]

Orion is running around in Echo Creek, searching for Marco, for around three hours but to no avail. He decided to take a break by heading to a nearby cafe to cool off.

‘Great. What am I doing?’ he thought, ‘Searching around the town for a kid whom I have no business with? Feels like I’m delaying death, and I’m dragging him with me, just because I want to know what’s on his mind.’ Orion felt like this is a mistake and decided to go back, until he heard a scream outside.

“Well, I wouldn’t bet that must be him.” He said, until he saw a kid in a red hood running past by, being chased by rats. “That’s him.” Orion said with a smile, as he rushes out the cafe, and chase after them. The chase leads to a few allies, and then to the bottom of a ravine, surrounded with piles of junk, trash, and vegetation. Orion stopped on top of a rusted car, as he watches Marco get surrounded by rats.

Marco had nowhere to run, and no one at his side. He had to deal with the rats as he tries to defend himself. “Yo!” Orion shouts, as Marco & the rats saw him, “looks like you need an ally.” Orion slowly draws his sceptre at them. He felt a deja vu vibe as he approaches them, reminding him that he saved someone similar from this kind of danger, a decade ago.

“Who are you?” Marco asked?

Orion makes a pose like an 80s action hero with a one liner, “Pest control.” He wittingly replied, as he pointed his sceptre at the first rat he sees. One rat comes charging towards Orion, but the rodent was launched by his leather boot. Marco and the other rats watched as the poor victim is sent flying into the ravine water. “Next.” Said Orion, as he makes a twisted grin, while the rats face towards him in shock.

More rats charged towards the wizard, as most of them ignored Marco. Orion cast his basic spells to fend off the rats, but he was having trouble keeping up against a rat pack. Clawing at his clothes and attempted to bite him, Orion cast one of his prominent spells. “Slug Shockwave!” He shouts, and out of his sceptre is a glowing slug sticking to the ground in the middle of the rat pack. The slug exploded, sending nearby victims towards surrounding junk.

As Marco had taken care of a few rats on his own, he saw an eagle clutching a massive spider, and a smaller bird mounting on top of the eagle.

“Oh no,” said Marco. Orion is observing the oddity that is the trio of a bird, eagle, and spider. “You got to be kidding me,” he added. The trio landed on top of a wrecked car, and the rider dismounted the eagle, and approaches them.

“Hello, Marco,” the bird spoke. He looked at Orion, and asked “Who’s your new friend?”

Orion looks at the bird, and his wand, revealing a crystal resembling Star’s wand crystal. “Prince Orion Croski. Yours?” he politely introduced.

“Well, Orion. Mine is Ludo, and I am also a prince... Until my castle was destroyed by your friend’s friend!” he yelled. “Oh, and do you have any idea how I got this wand?” Ludo asked.

Orion examines Ludo’s wand, and it’s a rock, a broken star crystal, and a skeleton arm with a missing finger. “You made it?” he guessed.

“Good try, but I found it.” Ludo replied, as he starts to laugh maniacally. He points his wand towards him, as Orion pointed his sceptre back. “You look like a skilled magician as Star, but this time... This time I have the upper hand. I’ve stolen her book that contains a lot of her ancestor’s secrets.” Ludo proceeds to laugh, as Orion steps back, ready to fight.

“Kid, you better get back,” Orion told Marco, “This is gonna get ugly.” Orion stares down at Ludo as he attempts to cast the first spell.

“Levitato!” Shouted Ludo, but it didn’t do anything. Orion & Marco are surprised, and confused. Ludo shouted the same spell again, and again, but to no avail. Orion withdrew his sceptre, and approaches Ludo as he knows what he’s up to.

“Looks like either A: you’re out of mana before I got here. Or B: you attempt to use a spell to levitate me, but I forgot to mention that I’m wearing a magic-resistant cloak,” said Orion. As he about to reach Ludo, his eagle snatched Orion, lifting him up to the sky.

“Thanks for the tip.” Said Ludo, as he aim his wand against Orion as he attempts to break free from the eagle’s grasp.

Marco charges towards Ludo, but he was stopped by his spider. Take a good reminder that Marco has fought Ludo’s new companions in the past. In that terminology, he karated the spider into submission.

Meanwhile, Orion managed to free one of his arms from the eagle’s clutch. He drew his sceptre, and cast his “Buzz Stunner” spell to break free it’s grasp. “Deja vu,” he said, reminding him that he did the same thing to Star. While falling, Ludo cast a spell that knocked him back. He was surprised, so he cast a spell back with his slug shockwave. Realizing that he’s falling at a great height, he cast his hoverboard to fly.

Back to Marco, he knocked the spider out with a well-placed kick, and immediately approaches to Ludo as he was distracted by Orion riding his hoverboard. He kicked Ludo to the water, but Ludo quickly got out of it. Feeling even more enraged, he’s ready to blast his wand at Marco, no matter the cost.

Orion rides towards the two, while being chased by Ludo’s eagle. Realizing that he can’t simply kill Ludo, because he had experience fighting his possessed brother which he nearly got him killed, 2 decades ago. He also couldn’t get to Marco in time, and he has an eagle on his tail. All he could do is get attention.

“RUN, YOU FOOL!” Orion shouts at Marco. Ludo shoots a spell at Marco, which he grazed him at best. Marco started running towards the junk piles, avoiding Ludo’s line of fire, and giving Orion enough time to knock his eagle out.

Ludo laughs maniacally, “You’re clever, Orion. Get a load of this!” He shot a green beam towards Orion, which knocked him off his hoverboard, falling into the water. Ludo observes the ravine, figuring out where’s Orion. “Come on, it doesn’t hurt THAT bad. More like a flesh wound, and nothing else.” Ludo sees bubbles, and then a purplish light shoots out of the water that knocks him back, disarming his wand.

Orion emerges from the water, soaking wet. Ludo scrambles to collect his wand, but was grabbed and lifted up to Orion’s face. “That’s a good shot, but remember, I’m pretty resistant to magic. Now I’ve got you, Ludo... Where is he?” He asked.

Ludo was confused, and trying to break free from Orion’s grasp. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.” Orion grips on Ludo’s arm tighter, letting out a scream “If you’re talking about Glossaryck, he’s gone, I swear.” Orion gripped Ludo’ arm tighter, letting out a loud scream.

He raised his voice, “Not him, Toffee.” He let go of Ludo, and picked up his wand. A series of flashing images, and a sinister laugh was heard when Orion takes a look at the crystal, until he dropped it.

“He’s gone, too.” Ludo replied. “Ever since I had this wand, it talked to me. This leads to my ventures, until one day... That very day it suddenly changed. That day, I’m unable to use the wand, and I usually get blacked out on random, and suddenly, I’m at a different place. What is this feeling?”

Orion looks at him, and then his wand. “Apparently, you just used it at me & the other guy just fine. Take a loooong look at your wand. Does it ring any bells to you?” Ludo proceeds to take a look at his wand, and became shocked when he realize the truth.

“Impossible.” Ludo whispered. “But HOW?” Ludo stares at his wand, and realizing that he has done goofed.

Marco, walking out of the piles of junk while gripping his grazed arm. “What is he saying?” he asked.

“He figured out where Toffee is,” Orion answered. “He’s inside of him.”

“Wait, wait... WHAT?!” Marco exclaimed. “Nooo, nononono. I saw Toffee got blown up, and you’re saying that he’s still alive?”

“In some sense, yes. Wait, you saw Toffee get obliterated?”

“Yes. Long story short: I got captured by Ludo’s men, this Toffee guy is the new leader, Star sacrificed her wand to save me, and later, boom. Toffee’s never to be seen again ever since.”

“Orion...” Said Ludo, and both of them faced at him. “If you’re after Toffee, why are you here?”

“My purpose here is not looking for you.” Marco gave a confused look at Orion, waiting for an explanation. Orion looked back at him, “*Sigh,* you want the answer? Fine. The reason why I’m here is to tell you is what’s going on between you and-” Orion’s phone starts ringing from his satchel. He dried his hands, took the phone out, and answered.

“Hey,” He said, as he stumbles away from Marco & Ludo. “Lotus? Oh, I thought your team’s done for. What happened?...Wait, you need to fall back and recover.... Why? I got info that he’s unstoppable, and a group similar to ours nearly escaped death... How? A princess told me about him, and she had experience...” Orion slowly turns around at Ludo, “Lotus, let’s not have a grudge match, and you know I don’t lie... Because I’m right near him. Believe me, it’s a lot tougher than I thought.”

Orion finishes the call, and continue to talking to Marco, “As I was saying, what’s going on between you & Star?”

[Act 3: The Tail Side Of The Coin]

Marco & Ludo are confused. Wondering why he wanted to know about Marco & Star’s relationship. “You what?” Marco asked.

Orion explained, “I’ve met her the other day, and she was a depressing little princess.” He looks at Ludo, knowing that this is a bad idea. “But let’s talk a little privately, and treat the graze.” Orion pulls out his flint & knife, struck it, slash it to make a portal. “Come on.”

Both entered the storage room, where Orion store his cans, bottles, a collection of magic weaponry, and other fantasy JRPG anomalies that he kept over the years. “Welcome to my little pocket dimension. This is where I keep my things during my many adventures,” said Orion as he shuts the portal behind them. The room is cold & dark, until he turned on the lights, illuminating from the ceiling by florescent lights. “First, I need to see your wound if it’s that bad or not,” he said as he took off his cloak.

Marco takes off his hoodie, and noticed an area of splattered black stains on the ground, and a small pile of duct tape with blood stains on them. “So, uh... What happened here?” He asked.

Orion looked around the place, and realized it’s a mess. “Right. Well, this is the part how I met your friend, Star. I was sent to Mewni by The Order, which is much different than the Magical High Commission. So I was minding my own business in the night, travelling to Toffee’s lair. I saw her, and wondering what is a girl doing there? So I just ignored her, until she spoke...”

Orion explained the abridged version of Parallels, until he talked about the final standoff between him & the titular princess. “...So we’re about to face each other in a final standoff, she is in her butterfly form, and I’m in a wicked cool battlesuit. I took a few steps back to give her space, and as soon as I turned around... She blasted everything she got. I cast a magic-proof shield, but to my surprise, the shield broke, and her blast sent me flying through about three trees. Believe me, she’s one dangerous bug, and one of the rare few people who manage to crack my armor... But she’s the only one who pierced my arcane shield & crack the armor, both at once.”

“Ouch. So how powerful is your armor?” Marco asked.

“My battlesuit is able to withstand blows by Dymaldosa without a slight dent” answered Orion, “Dymaldosa is a castle-sized diamond titan, who once took over my hometown of Neroinia for around 30 years, until my late father dethroned him, and was sealed in a powerful magic prison.” Orion grabbed a small potion bottle from the shelf, and continued, “Then someone released the beast from it’s prison, so I have to finish the job by ending his life.” He approaches Marco, and looking at his grazed wound.

“Least it’s not severe. Drink this.” Orion gave him the potion. Marco drinks it, and started coughing.

“Ugh, it’s awful,” he complained. “Also, why drinking it? I thought it’s something to treat burns or something.”

“Well, sorry if it doesn’t taste like fruit punch. Drinking it eases the pain, while pouring a bit on the wound heals,” Orion talks back. “I just learned that the hard way.” Orion grabs a bandage roll off the shelf, while Marco pours the potion on his arm.

Orion wraps the bandage on Marco’s arm, and continues talking about Star. “Continuing the standoff. I couldn’t move, I was bleeding inside the battlesuit, and Star is about to finish me off. Her face shows fear, anger, and some sadness. There’s no way out, and I have to pray that talking out of this would work, which it miraculously did. I have to cast my powerful spell, to knock her off me. I painfully got off the tree, take off the armor, and watch her turn back to normal as I pass out from bleeding.”

Marco was amazed, “Wow. But how did you survive?” Marco asked, as Orion finished wrapping the grazed wound.

“Well, if I am a human wearing that suit, I’d be dead from the wound on that tree.” Orion takes his shirt off, revealing the fresh scar that Star made, along with several smaller scars. “My territe species are a lot more durable & higher pain tolerance than regular humans. But I’m a wizard, and even though I may not have the muscle, my magic & these potions can help me treat the wounds, a lot better.”

Orion put his shirt back on, and pulls out a chest underneath the counter. “To be honest, I would’ve been dead from the wound if Star saved me back there. I don’t remember, but she told me that she dragged me out of the woods, patched me up with tape, and we just talked. Both of our weapons are damaged badly, so I showed her this place.” Orion opens the chest, revealing a plethora of magic clothing.

“The oil stains you’ve noticed are these.” Orion points at the used can of the mysterious repairment oil. “We’ve no idea how these could magically repair weapons, so we just call them ‘Mysterious Repair Oil,’ or ‘MystRO’ for short.” Orion pulled out a slate-grey coloured cape.

Marco is surprised, but he felt that something’s not right, “What’s this?” he asked.

Orion replied with breaking the 4th wall, “It’s a magic cape, Superman. To keep this between us & US, alone... Did Mrs. Nefcy told you about this?”


Orion gave Marco the cape, and continued. “Guess not. You might need this, because we’ll be messing with the lady, soon. Wearing this cape grants you high resistance from dark magic, meaning if you took a nasty blow from that kind of magic, you’ll survive from that. The catch is that the cape has to take the blow for the effect.”

“Why you want me to have this?” Marco asked.

“Not want. Need,” Orion answered. “The cape I gave you doesn’t have a purpose for me when I got this cloak. Poor thing was sitting in this chest, gathering dust bunnies, and BEGS to be used.”

Marco glances at the cape, and put it on the counter. “Say, Orion?” he asked.

Orion shuts the chest, and put it back. “Yeah.”

“We’ve been going off-topic, but what do you know about me?” Marco felt confused, and wanted a clear explanation.

Orion knew about this, but gives the explanation anyway. “Alright, to be honest, I don’t know you very much. Your friend actually revealed her dark secrets to me, in exchange for mine. She has a spell to literally spy on people.”

“Ohhhh... Who she’s spying on?”

“Take a wild guess. You’ve been hanging out with this surfer chick who’s about to dump you if you don’t make up your mind.” Orion inadvertently said too much, and covered his face from saying that out loud.

Marco uncovered the shocking truth, and became a little angry at him. “So is that why you’re after me? Just to know who....-- UGH!” Marco is unable to speak and then he punched the wall. He accidentally revealed a secret compartment with an old journal inside. Orion noticed the compartment opening, never realized that someone found out.

“You found my old journal. I don’t think I touched that ever since I married Emily,” said Orion. “That was around a decade ago, and what I remember is that I haven’t finish the blooming thing. Go ahead, take a look at it.” Marco opens a random page from his journal, revealing one of Orion’s past adventures.

Chapter 15: Mistakes.” He read.

“Oh, Chapter 15. That’s a st- CHAPTER 15?!” Orion exclaimed. He remembered writing the 15th chapter on his journal back in 2003. He wrote a list of his worst mistakes he has ever done throughout his early years in details.

Marco reads the first page: “Date: October 6th, 2003. Everybody makes mistakes. Heck, even I made my fair share of mistakes. Some of mine are severe mistakes, like having a thief sleep over to my place, ate poisonous mushrooms & ended up somewhere else, and the reason why this chapter is called ‘Mistakes’: Realizing I had a crush with my room mate, and I just helped her get a date with some guy.” Marco looked at Orion as he felt embarrassed. He continue to read the entire list with all of Orion's embarrassing details and such.

Orion covered his face in disgust, “Chapter 15 is the part of the journal where I don’t want to relive. Those were the darkest times, and I regret every second of it,” he said as he slowly sat down on the floor. “Ever since that chapter, I was hiding the fact that I was into her, and inside I felt several kinds of emotions: Jealousy, depression, gloom, and in some cases: anger. Reminds me of your friend, when I met her.”

“Yeah, Star acted kinda strange when I was around with Jackie. Ever since the day school was out, she confessed in front of my classmates that she had a crush on me, and just suddenly left. Even though I'm glad that she finally said that to me, it's sad to see her go out like that.”

“Welcome to the party, pal. Did the same thing to Emily, but I went on hiding for a few weeks, until she’s able to find me to shine the brightest hour of my darkest day, realizing what is wrong with me. Love can be riddled with problems, but they can be addressed.”

“So, I haven't seen her since the end of the school's out party. How was Star?”

“When I met her, she’s a gloomy one. When I got to learn about her, I know pretty much of her side of the situation. Until we part ways, I managed to shed some light upon her. Apparently, me & her had parallels with each other, while you have some parallels with my wife.”

“How?” Marco asked as he sat down with Orion.

“Let’s face it. Emmy is able to stand her ground against foes, much like you do. Emmy had a relationship with someone whom she had a crush on, much like you did. She may look like a dork in hindsight, just like you... And sometimes, she’s vulnerable without her companion...”

“Just like I do.” Marco covered his face with his arms & legs. Orion felt sorry for the poor sod, having to go through his tough time of his life. “Ohhh, this is so hard. Do you have any idea what position I’m in?”


“Like you said, Jackie is gonna break up with me if I don’t make up my mind on who to stay with, but Star’s responsible for helping me get to her, but she abruptly left. It’s like I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place. It’s worse than that time I have to be a princess, but that pays off... Metaphorically & literally.”

Orion chuckled, reminding him something similar. “Sorry, but crossdressing is one thing, but one time... I took...” Marco looked at him, feeling annoyed as Orion continued to laugh hysterically. “I took a step further beyond, and literally turn myself into a girl. I’m not talking stuffing toilet paper in a bra, no. I literally use my magic to change my gender, with a different voice tone.”

Marco begins to chuckle, “But why?”

“Unlike your reason, I have no payoff, but to deal with the worse kind that women had to put through. It was pretty painful, to say the least.” Both of them had an awkward moment, and Marco felt a little disgusted when thinking about it. “Sorry for saying that, but it’s true. It was for a quest to find some chick, whom I don't remember her name.”

Orion got up, and walked towards his weapon wall. “Now, what do you know about Toffee, Mr... uh?” he asked.

“Diaz, but nothing much.” Marco replied, “All I knew is that he looks like a lizard lawyer, who’s about to kill me, but saved thanks to Star. So is it really true that Toffee is still alive, and he’s taking control of Ludo?”
Orion nodded, “Yes... But maybe not inside of Ludo.” Orion grabs a katana hilt from the wall to look at it. “Maybe it’s in his wand. When I picked up this thing, there was images flashing before my eyes. The crystal on it is definitely the source, but it resembles the missing half of Star’s wand crystal.”

Marco is impressed on his detective work, but he’s annoyed by Orion’s katana hilt. “Where’s the blade?”

Orion looked at him, and then the hilt. “This is no ordinary katana. It’s a wand called the Katakana.” He put his free hand by the guard, imitating a sheath, and then imagining that he unsheathes the sword, revealing a rough green laser-blade. “Still got it,” he smiled, and then re-sheathes the wand, and putting it in his satchel.

Marco walks to Orion’s weapon wall, and noticed a scythe, resembling something that fits more in a MMO. “What about this one? Is that a wand, too?”

Orion noticed the scythe, giving him some bad memories. “It’s both a scythe & a magical staff. I haven’t used it much, because it puts my friends in danger when I’m using it. This was given by my ancestor who was crazy, to say it bluntly. Don’t ask how, but accept that.”

“So why are you going after Toffee, when He’s... Well...” Marco asked, but couldn’t find the correct word for Toffee’s condition.

“He may not be a person anymore, but his soul must be eradicated. I wasn’t planning to take him down, but it’s my job from The Order, as they couldn’t handle him. Heck, they had to drag me out of retirement, leaving my family behind to do so.”

“Sorry about that. Wait, didn’t you say that Toffee’s inside of Ludo?”

“Indeed, I did. But I think that Ludo’s wand is the real deal, and the wand is controlling him as a host of some kind. BUT, there’s one itty bitty little problem: I can’t take Ludo out to get rid of Toffee.”

“Why not?”

“The thing is, Marco, Toffee is one clever piece of work. I made some sort of promise to Ludo’s brother, to SAVE him. There must be some sort of way to face the septarian, but how?” He looked at Marco, and his response was a shrug. “*Sigh,* maybe some day, but not today. We’d better get outta here, before he find us.” Orion looks at his ancestor’s scythe, thinking about bringing it with him.

“You sure you want me to have this?” Marco asked about the cape as he putting his hoodie back on.

“Yes.” Orion responded, as he packs the scythe in his satchel. Marco watches him in bewilderment, wondering how much space is in his satchel. “If you’re wondering, Lotus’ magic satchel has a lot more space on the inside. Plus, it’s waterproof.” Orion grabs his cloak, pulled out his knife, and open a portal back to Echo Creek.

The boys are back in town, and Orion say his last words to Marco. “So who’s it gonna be, Marco Diaz? Your best friend, or your girlfriend? Think about it, you have time to spare.” He looked at the horizon, and continued, “If I don’t make it out alive, make sure you remember me. Toffee may be all-powerful, but there’s a way to bring him down. If you plan to find your friend, tell her I said hi. So long, and take care, Marco.”

Orion opens another portal, but Marco stopped him. “Wait, so what happens if you do make it?”

Orion looks at him with a smile, “My friend, we may cross paths, once more. But, please... Don’t try to take Toffee down. You have things to do, and I have plans to make.” Orion looks back, and entered the portal as it slowly closes in front of Marco, revealing a silhouette of a girl approaching him, revealing to be a familiar face. Take a guess who she is.
Parallels Part 2 (Star vs. AU)
Previous part:…
This is the sequel to the not-so-epic story of Parallels, a Star vs. The Forces of Evil AU/Fanfic. Orion's Lore coming soon.

Journal History


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